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Good News for Veterans: Lecanemab
Conditions for In/Exclusion

Coverage for Alzheimer’s Drug reports that the Alzheimer’s medication lecanemab will be covered for the approximately 168,000 veterans with the disease, in order to provide “comprehensive, safe, and cost-effective pharmacy benefit for veterans.” Veterans must also meet the inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Inclusion criteria:

  • Age >65
  • An AD early stage diagnosis
  • ≤12 months prior cognition test
  • ≤12 months prior MRI
  • Results from analysis of cerebrospinal fluid consistent with AD
  • Results from amyloid PET scan consistent with AD


Exclusions include:

  • Mental health conditions potentially contributing to cognitive impairment
  • Transient ischemic attack, stroke, seizure within ≤12 months
  • MRI evidence of tumors, lesions, microhemorrhages, aneurysms
  • Some bleeding disorders
  • Above normal thyroid stimulating hormone range
  • Uncontrolled immunological disease


The drug costs about $26,500 per year and it has not yet been stated what the VHA will pay for it.