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Can Expressing Gratitude Improve Your Mental and Physical Health?   
Recognizing and expressing gratitude can result in both mental and physical benefits.

Being grateful is a prescription for better health!  The consistent practice of gratitude is proven to reduce depression, lessen anxiety, support heart health, relieve stress, and even improve sleep, according to the Mayo Clinic.   

So, what is gratitude in this context, and how does one achieve it?

“While it can look a little different from one person to another, gratitude is generally defined as a disposition or characteristic that allows an individual to perceive and appreciate the positive and meaningful aspects of life,” according to Forbes Health.

To get started, soon after you wake up each morning, focus on something for which you are grateful. It could be something simple, such as the smell of fresh coffee brewing, or something bigger, such as your good health or an important relationship. Then, take it a step further by expressing gratitude with a word, a note, or other gesture.

With consistent practice, you’ll reap the five mental benefits of gratitude:

  1. Improved emotional regulation
  2. Elevated mindset
  3. Greater connections to others
  4. Motivation to reach desired outcomes
  5. Protection from the effects of stress


So, amidst your busy schedule and high demands as a health care professional, take some time for yourself this Thanksgiving, and let gratitude work its magic.

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