“The great thing, in all education, is to make our nervous system our ally instead of our enemy.”

-William James

About BRAINWeek

BRAINWeek is the “brainchild” of the PAINWeek National Conference organization, which after 16 years continues to be the favorite educational destination for frontline practitioners. Over those 16 years we have fielded suggestions from faculty and attendees to explore the CNS landscape beyond pain management.

As our population ages and the burden of caring for older adults increases, the search for novel molecules has yielded numerous therapies for the most common neuropsychiatric disorders facing both specialists and frontline practitioners. Whether you are a physician, advanced practice provider, psychologist, or licensed therapist seeing patients across the neuropsychiatry spectrum of conditions, the need for up-to-date education on cutting edge management techniques has never been greater.

Attending BRAINWeek is saying “Yes” to a conference that will soon become the vanguard of CNS education. Looking ahead, you can feel confident that BRAINWeek will deliver programs in live and digital formats that are relevant, easily accessible, and make learning and taking care of patients that much more rewarding.

Target Audience

Internists, neurologists, nurse practitioners, health system physician assistants, otolaryngologists, psychologists, primary care physicians, and psychiatrists treating CNS disorders.

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