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Climate Change Affects the Brain
An international research team is examining how the catastrophic impacts of climate change can affect the human brain.

A recently published study is giving new meaning to the old saying, “weather the storm.” An international research team, led by Kimberly C. Doell, of the University of Vienna, is examining just how well the human brain can fare when confronted with environmental factors that occur due to climate change.

Doell commented in Neuroscience News, “We’ve long known that factors in our environment can lead to changes in the brain. Yet we’re only just beginning to look at how climate change, the greatest global threat of our time, might change our brains.”

Though there is more work to be done, study results suggest that shifts in the environment, caused by climate change, could lead to alterations in brain development and function. The researchers also discussed the role of neuroscientists in understanding and addressing these changes.

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