Faculty Member

Ankur A. Butala, MD

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Ankur A. Butala, MD

Assistant Professor of Neurology


Dr. Ankur Butala specializes in the care of persons with complex neuropsychiatric conditions including advanced Parkinson’s disease or other movement or neurodegenerative disorders. Upon graduating a selective physician-scientist program at Albany Medical College, he joined the University of Massachusetts in an uncommon residency in both neurology and psychiatry. In residency he developed an interest in circuit models of brain function and how nonpharmacological approaches such as neuromodulation and brain stimulation may be used to address treatment resistant conditions. He joined Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine as a clinical and research fellow from 2015 to 2018, where he developed a skill set including deep brain stimulation, noninvasive brain stimulation (tDCS), and measurement of eye movements. Dr. Butala’s clinical and research interests are in the diagnosis and management of persons with advanced Parkinson’s disease, movement disorders and neuropsychiatric conditions using neuromodulation, and cannabinoids and entheogens.