Faculty Member

Eugene Vortsman, DO

Eugene Vortsman, DO

Clinical Director of Addiction Medicine and Disease Management


Dr. Eugene Vortsman is an attending physician and clinical director of Addiction Medicine and Disease Management for the Department of Emergency Medicine at Long Island Jewish Medical Center at Northwell Health in New York. Passionate about integrating processes for early identification of addiction as well as promoting harm reduction strategies, Dr. Vortsman works to motivate fellow clinicians and interprofessional team members to humanistically approach substance use disorder and to offer care, treatment, and partnership, without stigma and judgment.

As chair of the hospital Pain Committee, his responsibilities include improving implementation of alternative approaches for pain management, including medicinal cannabis, holistic therapies, and medications. In this capacity, he has fostered an environment for interprofessional and multidisciplinary collaboration to improve overall care for patients while in the hospital and postdischarge.

Dr. Vortsman is passionate about finding every possible tool to help patients suffering with pain and addiction. The field of psychedelic assisted psychotherapy has the potential to revolutionize treatment of mental health. He extends his passion for mental health into the ED where he researches addiction and psychiatric issues and educates his residents on these growing epidemics