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What Potential New Blood Test Means for Parkinson’s Diagnosis and Treatment
Can New Blood Test Reshape Parkinson’s Diagnosis and Treatment?

When Parkinson’s symptoms show, the disease has already advanced. A new blood test could hasten diagnosis and treatment, and potentially minimize damage to brain. Researchers have developed a blood test, called Mito DNADX, that can detect possible evidence of Parkinson’s disease. The blood test works by detecting damage to mitochondria. The Mito DNADX test detected Parkinson’s in people with genetic forms of the disease and in people without any known genetic causes, and it worked on people who were already taking Parkinson’s medication. Additionally, researchers were able to identify a specific level of damage that separated study participants with Parkinson’s from those in the healthy control group. Keep reading to learn more about this NIH-funded study, and how its results may help clinicians diagnose Parkinson’s earlier, and help researchers monitor the results of new drugs and other treatments.

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