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Some Good Alzheimer’s News
News + Benefits of Ketogenic & Low-Fat Eating

Alzheimer’s, Diets, and the Future

A ketogenic diet has been shown to offer protection from metabolic dysregulation and seizures. Authors of an article published in the Alzheimer’s Association Alzheimer’s & Dementia journal researched the effectiveness of a keto diet on adults with mild cognitive impairment. For 6 weeks, 20 participants ate either a Mediterranean ketogenic diet (MMKD) or an American Heart Association Diet (AHAD), followed by another 6 weeks of washout, and then switched to the other diet for another 6 weeks.

Read about the findings here!

In other Alzheimer’s news:

An Alzheimer’s expert in the UK, Professor Julie Williams, centre director at the UK Dementia Research Institute, along with her team at the Cardiff University, has identified over 90 genes that increase Alzheimer’s risk. In contrast, when the team began researching in 2009, they only knew about 3 genes! Professor Williams stated, “By 2040 I think we’ll be in the position to offer a range of treatment and we might not know exactly why, but one of them will be able to act on the huge range of causes.”

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