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Time to See an Epilepsy Specialist
Don’t Delay!

Uncontrolled Seizures?

The Problem
• Epilepsy affects 3.4 million Americans
• Yearly, ~1 in 1,000 people experience SUDEP—sudden unexpected death in epilepsy
• Some patients have uncontrolled seizures for up to 20 years before receiving effective treatment
• Meds control seizures in ~2/3rds of patients
• For some patients, even after 2 meds, seizures haven’t been controlled, and are unlikely to be

The Good News
• An epilepsy specialist can offer patients more effective options
• With neuromodulation or neurostimulation, up to 50% of patients see significant seizure improvement
• Temporal lobe focused seizures: resective surgery can eliminate seizures in up to 80% of patients
• Seizures from other parts of the brain: resective surgery can eliminate seizures in up to 50% of patients
• If resective surgery doesn’t eliminate seizures, it can lessen their frequency/severity

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